“Vienna needs a powerful logistics network!”

Lobau tunnel has the potential to reduce traffic in the region by up to 25 percent

“Vienna needs a powerful logistics network!”

“Vienna counts among the biggest transshipment centres in Central Europe. Approximately 130,000 tonnes are handled in the city every day. This requires a powerful and functioning logistics network,” wrote Davor Sertic, Chairman of the transport division of the Vienna Economic Chamber.

For the forwarding expert, the construction of Lobau tunnel has utmost priority among the transport projects in Vienna. The implementation of this project will bring substantial relief for the citizens and companies in the city. The Lobau tunnel could reduce the traffic volume in the region by up to 25 percent.

Maria Smodics-Neumann, Chairwoman of the trades and crafts division in the Vienna Economic Chamber sees craft business constantly hampered in their delivery traffic due to the city’s parking zones management and riparians’ parking zones. She urges for delivery zones, special lanes for commercial traffic and practical exemptions from paying parking zones and riparian zones.