viadonau: More information available with DoRIS

Information on shallow sections now come with fairway depths in the entry area of Vienna’s three ports

viadonau: More information available with DoRIS

The fairway information service provided by viadonau regarding the current minimum waterway depths in the area of significant shallow sections for the two free flowing sections of the Danube in Austria (Wachau, and downstream from Vienna) is very popular, as a recent customer survey shows. In February 2019, this service was extended by the current minimum waterway depths in the access areas of public Danube ports.

To this end, appropriate cooperations have been set up between viadonau and the respective port operators. The three Viennese ports of Freudenau, Lobau and Albern started, more public Danube ports are to follow.

For each port access area, three minimum depth values are published based on a current measuring. The stated minimum depths in the right, middle and left sections of a harbor entrance are calculated on the hourly available current water levels at the respective level and thus updated every hour. For each area, a map of the current measuring can be downloaded in PDF format.

In a first stage, this enhanced fairway water service will be available on the DoRIS website. Subsequently, the minimum depths of the driveway in harbor access areas will also be made available via the DoRIS Mobile App.