Value-added airfreight services in Mozart’s city

Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart adds to the domestic airfreight market and is a new member of Austrian Logistics

Value-added airfreight services in Mozart’s city Bild: Salzburg Airport

Accepting the invitation of Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich (BVL), the airfreight and logistics industry met at Salzburg Airport on October 1st, to learn all about customs clearance, pharmaceutical handling, dangerous goods, value freight, construction of aircraft pallets and much more from professionals.

“Our location is unique and the know-how of our cargo team is extremely valuable. Many years of experience in freight handling are a perfect match with the greatest possible flexibility in the team,” said Bettina Ganghofer, Managing Director of Salzburg Airport.

Salzburg Airport has enough potential, because there is room for expansion. At the moment, no investments are planned for expansion, because air freight clearly comes second. With a ratio of 9:1, the main business is truck traffic, which is handled in the cargo warehouse.

“We see our future in value-added services such as pick-up service, labeling, packaging, DGRCheck, filling, gluing and screening. I am particularly proud of our latest product – a daily groupage transport from Salzburg to Vienna Airport. Thanks to the central coordination of all our partners, we can reduce the number of trucks on the road and save 126 tonnes of CO2 per year,” Harald Schwarz, Manager Business Development Air Freight & Logistics at Salzburg Airport, is pleased to say.

The industry event at the airport repeatedly raised the question of how the requirements of air freight and logistics can be combined with those of an international airport. The key considerations were not about maximising the volume of air freight, but about the underlying logistics of total freight. Today it is more important than ever to find market niches and invest there.