US remain the strongest partner of the Bremen ports

Just-published 2018 annual report shows current traffic and turnover figures of Bremen and Bremerhaven

US remain the strongest partner of the Bremen ports Bild: Container Terminal Bremerhaven Eurogate , NTB- Gate Maersk und MSC 4.5.18 Foto SCheer

The Senator for Economics, Labor and Ports of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen presented the annual report titled “Hafenspiegel 2018”, containing extensive statistical material on throughput volumes in the ports of Bremen. In addition to the detailed turnover figures, data on the infrastructure of the ports are also displayed.

In 2018, a total of 5.45 million TEU went across the quays of the Bremen ports. As in the previous year, the statistics clearly show that in the field of container handling via the ports of Bremen, the United States are by far the strongest partner. For 1.22 million TEU, or more than one in five, the US were the destination or origin. This is also the highest throughput volume in the history of the ports of Bremen.

On the other hand, container traffic with China declined, falling from 720,000 TEU to 606,000 TEU. Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Poland and Sweden followed by far.

In the case of automobile transhipment, exports continue to dominate in the ports of Bremen: 1.53 million vehicles were exported from Germany, while 676,620 vehicles were imported. Nevertheless, imports have risen again since a low in 2013 (426,702 vehicles).
The analysis of the figures on inland shipping also provides interesting details: The number of arrivals and departures of inland vessels in Bremen and Bremerhaven rose from 7,700 to 8,300. Of these, the Bremen site handled more than 6,000 ships last year.