Upcycling: cargo-partner gives new life to old tarpaulins

In cooperation with tag.werk by Caritas in Graz, cargo-partner turns old truck tarpaulins into fashionable bags

Upcycling: cargo-partner gives new life to old tarpaulins

cargo-partner’s trucks on the streets are subject to strict safety regulations and have to be in top shape at all times, which is why old and damaged tarpaulins are replaced on a regular basis. But this doesn’t mean that the old tarpaulins have to go to waste.

Instead, the logistics provider has entered into a cooperation with the Austrian project tag.werk to give old tarps a new life. At this youth employment project by the charity organisation Caritas, used tarpaulins are recycled and turned into unique bags.

After the old tarps are washed, cut and sewn by tag.werk, they are ready to begin their new lives as fashionable shoulder bags and toiletry bags. The finished tarp bags are handed out to selected customers of cargo-partner as an exclusive “limited edition” gift.

In addition to recycling tarpaulins that are no longer needed, this project provides employment for young people in a simple and unbureaucratic way. Thus, the initiative is fully in line with cargo-partner’s comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Beatrix Lorber, team leader at tag.werk, is glad for the support from cargo-partner: “With this project, we can provide a paid and creative form of employment to young people and adults from the most diverse backgrounds. For many of them, this is the only possibility of earning money on a legal and short-term basis and providing for themselves.”

Stefan Krauter, CEO of cargo-partner, praises the cooperation with tag.werk: “As a logistics provider with environmental focus, we are always searching for sustainable solutions. CSR is a matter of attitude. For us, this means seizing every opportunity to take sensible and socially meaningful actions in our business practice – such as this project with tag.werk.”

The cargo-partner group is a privately owned, medium-sized full-service provider of logistics services with particular strengths in the areas of information technology, air and ocean freight. The enterprise founded more than 30 years ago, has 2,365 employees and generated sales of EUR 540 million in 2015.