Ultralight jumbo trucks is an advantage in toll for Schuon GmbH

15 new, weight-optimised articulated lorries with internal height of 3.15 meters joined the fleet of the forwarding and logistics company

Ultralight jumbo trucks is an advantage in toll for Schuon GmbH

Alfred Schuon GmbH has invested in 15 new ultralight jumbo vehicles to be able to serve customers even more flexibly. With an interior height of 3.15 meters, the trucks are particularly suitable for high, stackable and light goods. This benefits the environment and is an advantage when it comes to road toll.

Among other things, Schuon transports draft goods for a customer in the packaging industry in its new jumbo trucks. The height gain of 15 centimeters allows to load three instead of only two layers per tour. This means they can now load one-third more goods, and save every fourth trip.

“With the new trucks, we cover more customer orders and meet the growing demand for jumbo traffic. At the same time, we are making transport orders more environmentally friendly,” says Marc Bohnert, Head of Freight Forwarding and Sales at Alfred Schuon GmbH.

As part of its green logistics strategy, the logistics specialist based in Haiterbach is keen to keep emissions low during transport. For more than 30 years, the company has been successfully operating in the segment of jumbo traffic. Schuon currently has 300 volume vehicles.

This figure includes the 15 new, weight-optimised trucks that came with a sturdier chassis and therefore have a higher payload compared to similar models. In addition, there is an internal height of 3.15 meters. Thus, the vehicles are optimal for the transportation of bulky and light materials such as polystyrene panels or stackable goods such as barrels or AKE containers used in air freight.

In view of the recent extension of the toll to all federal highways and the upcoming increase in toll rates from 1 January 2019, the ultra-light vehicles offer another advantage: their maximum payload of 8.25 tonnes means that they fall into a favorable class of truck toll. This will result in a toll advantage in Germany at the beginning of next year. 

Technical data of the ultralight jumbo vehicles:

· Loading dimensions of towing vehicle/trailer: 7.75 / 7.75 meters
Internal height of towing vehicle/trailer: 3.15 / 3.15 meters
· Inside width: 2.50 meters
· Total volume: 120 cubic meters
· Payload: 8.25 tonnes
· Pallet spaces: 38


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