TX Logistik and Vegatrans „roadrailLink” for more vehicles by rail

Vegatrans boss Franz Blum offers, among other things, rail transport services for commercial vehicles between Austria and Benelux in the future

TX Logistik and Vegatrans „roadrailLink” for more vehicles by rail

With the use of the innovative “roadrailLink” adapter system, Vegatrans and TX Logistik AG are setting new standards for commercial vehicle transport by rail. The system, which transforms a standard pocket wagon into a car transport wagon, is being used for the service between Sommacampagna-Sona near Verona and the Rheine cargo center in North Rhine-Westphalia, whcih was launched in early September.

A complete train with 16 double-pocket wagons can therefore carry 96 vans, 64 trucks or 32 semitrailers. Since mixed loading is possible, this significantly increases the flexibility in rail transport. “With roadrailLink, we can transport 32 light trucks more per train than with conventional flat cars,” explains Franz Blum, Managing Director and shareholder of Vegatrans.

Currently, Iveco pick-up trucks are transported from Italy to Germany every week on the new line, while for the return journey for Italy certain Scania and Iveco trucks and new semi-trailers from various manufacturers are loaded. A total of 64 r2L charge carriers are currently in use, including another line between Wörth am Rhein and Fernetti (near Trieste). TX Logistics will handle the complete terminal-to-terminal service for Vegatrans, including fleet management and 24/7 monitoring through the European Control Center.

“We continue to develop the system technically. The next series of another 32 units is already being constructed”, says Franz Blum. Together with the customer Vegatrans, further new train projects will be developed. Franz Blum: “We plan to establish the next transports between Italy and Poland as well as between Austria and Benelux.”

www.txlogistik.eu, www.vegatrans.com