Truck toll tariffs 2019: Bonus for Euro VI will remain

Asfinag introduces new toll tariffs from 1 January 2020; reduced tariffs for emission-free vehicles

Truck toll tariffs 2019: Bonus for Euro VI will remain Bild: patsch (29).jpg; Mautgantry, Lkw, Sommer

As of 1 January 2020, truck toll tariffs, among other things, will see an inflation-related adjustment of 2.1 per cent to the infrastructure basic kilometer tariff. The tariffs for motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (HZG) will be adjusted on the basis of the harmonised consumer price index for the year 2018.

EURO VI vehicles will continue to receive a tariff bonus of around EUR 20 million, Asfinag announced in a press release. The tariffs for emission-free vehicles with pure electric or hydrogen fuel cell drive are greatly reduced.

The external costs of air pollution will be charged in full to EURO VI vehicles from 2020 onwards. The total tariff is made up as follows: Infrastructure basic kilometer tariff depending on the tariff group (differentiated by axle category), adding the external costs for traffic-related air pollution (by axle category and EURO emission class) and noise exposure (according to axle category and time of day).