Truck Aero-innovation is well received with Spedition Jöbstl

Newly developed geometry for trucks of TU Graz brings promising test results with Spedition Jöbstl

Truck Aero-innovation is well received with Spedition Jöbstl

The Technical University of Graz (TU Graz) has developed a new construction geometry for trucks, to improve the vehicles’ aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption and operational costs, and save the environment. Spedition Jöbstl headquartered in Wundschuh was aboard as official test partner for the prototypes and now presented the first results.

During a test period of two months, and more than 20,000 kilometres, the use of the construction geometry and the reduced aerodynamic resistance, fuel consumption and CO2 emission was tested. The drivers’ feedback confirmed the simple use of the construction, and that no technical problems occurred.

The efficiency of the trailer truck varies according to the type of freight; on average fuel consumption was reduced by four to five percent, which means a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions as well.

All in all the persons involved assessed the test results as very positive. Spedition Jöbstl is convinced that the TruckAero has a big future potential. They were glad to use this innovation in their fleet as soon as it has market maturity, they informed via internet.

Cost efficiency as well as saving resources and environment are major targets of the Jöbstl forwarding company. Much can be achieved through state-of-the-art-technology. Christoph Jöbstl, Managing Director, initiated a change to Euro 6 engines for the entire fleet, and a search for innovations in terms of aerodynamics of trucks. This includes the support of TU Graz with test trips for the TruckAero-project.