TransFER Wolfurt-Trieste of the RCG about to start soon

“Vienna by the sea”: ÖBB-Güterverkehr and the port of Trieste are taking the next step towards deepening cooperation

TransFER Wolfurt-Trieste of the RCG about to start soon

Currently, the Rail Cargo Group offers with regular connections to a total of seven routes, the full range of transport services. Starting March or April, an additional connection will be added as part of the 300th anniversary: once a week with the TransFER Wolfurt-Trieste and as well the transFER Trieste-Vienna-Linz-Trieste once a week in triangular transport.

Trieste has been an important hub for ÖBB for almost 25 years for transports to and from Austria as well as in Europe’s hinterland. With around 45 per cent market share on rail, the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is the clear market leader.

“Trieste is a role model for the efficient interconnection of different modes of transport. Ship and rail are connected here to an optimal transport chain. We are very proud that the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is a strong logistics partner in the free port of Trieste “, says Andreas Matthä, CEO of ÖBB-Holding AG.

The rail logistics company Rail Cargo Group generated annual sales of EUR 2.2 billion with 8,700 employees and branches throughout Europe. Together with its partners, the Rail Cargo Group operates a nationwide network of end-to-end logistics in Europe and furthermore to as far as Asia. It connects European conurbations and ports with prospering economic centers of Russia, Turkey and China. The parenting company of the Rail Cargo Group is Rail Cargo Austria AG.