Traffic with Turkey: Changes in TIR Carnet procedure

Obligatory submission of electronic notification advance for incoming transports under TIR Carnet

Traffic with Turkey: Changes in TIR Carnet procedure

According to an information of the Turkish Association TOBB and the International Road Transport Union (IRU), from April 25, 2017 every transport entering Turkey under the TIR Carnet must be registered electronically in advance with the Turkish customs authorities. “The notification in advance shall be deemed timely, if it is received by the customs authorities at the Turkish border before the arrival of the truck,” the Association of international road transport entrepreneurs in Austria (AISÖ) informs in a press release.

The Turkish customs authorities have developed a new online tool called TIRCUS to register the required electronic data in advance. It should be noted, however, that the mandatory submission of electronic information in advance also possible with TIR-EPD.

The Turkish customs authorities emphasised that TIR transports without electronic notification previous of their entry will be diverted to a red lane, where throurough controls will be carried out, once the new rules became effective.

In this context, the IRU underlines the importance of the TIR-EPD application, allowing transport entrepreneurs to transfer all necessary and requested preliminary information to the Turkish customs authorities, save time at the borders and at the same time to maintain confidentiality of their trading information. They were closely cooperating with the Turkish customs authorities to ensure that the preliminary information transmitted via TIR-EPD fully meet the customs requirements.