Top marking for the Austrian Danube

In a survey, viadonau also received positive feedback from users of the waterway in 2017

Top marking for the Austrian Danube

At the end of 2017, viadonau again carried out a survey on the satisfaction of users of the waterway. The aim is to be able to better adapt the service quality with regard to the waterway, the locks and the Donau River Information Services to the needs of the shipping industry even better.

The customers were satisfied with the maintenance, the quality of the navigation channel marking and the passing of ships through the locks, as shown by the ratings, which are above 90 per cent each. Safety and equipment are still rated as “good” and “excellent” by more than 90 per cent, while the timing and duration of the barriers for revisions and repairs achieved a new top score of 2.19.

The quality, timeliness and completeness of the information services provided achieved between 82 per cent and 92 per cent positive feedback in the current survey. Water levels and multi-day level forecasts for low water are most frequently queried (96%), information on shallow water (95%), inland shipping (93%) and lock status (92%).

In order to sustainably improve the waterway performance, the company continues to focus on potential for improvement – using the results of the annual survey to ensure that services are constantly adapted to customers’ needs.