TNT Innight gives way to the new brand “NOX Nachtexpress”

TNT Innight Austria has already been integrated into the company network; in Q3 / 2016 the Benelux companies are to follow

TNT Innight gives way to the new brand “NOX Nachtexpress”

Shortly after the acquisition of “TNT Innight” by “Innight Express Germany GmbH”, the old brand TNT disappears from the night-express business. The new owners give their service a new name and new design. From now on, all services will be offered with the brand “NOX Nachtexpress”.

Nox, the Latin word for night, was deliberately chosen as a brand name: The times customers use for regeneration, are the main hours of operation for the Nox staff. They specialise one delivery of time-critical shipments via their European night-express network before the start of work. Together with network cooperations in 15 countries, over 10 million shipments were delivered throughout Europe last year. Georg Kierdorf, CEO: “If this works professionally and reliable, we are an important value driver for our customers.”

The design with a deep black and neon yellow color scheme will set new trends that become visible through changed priorities in the management: in the past TNT had outsourced such services as the call center, and strongly set on subcontractors and temporary workers.

Georg Kierdorf: “This affects the quality of service that is highly customer-oriented. We will return to tried and tested in-house solutions. ” Therefore industry experienced, salaried employees are an important element for the new management. Our focus is on efficient, customer-oriented processes and on the quality of the services.

In recent years, TNT Innight has made severe losses. In July, Innight Express Germany GmbH took over the business operations of TNT Innight as part of an asset deal. Simultaneously, TNT Innight Austria GmbH was integrated into the company network. The companies, based in Mannheim and Vienna, have over 1,000 employees, lately generating turnover of more than EUR 200 million.

In addition, there are national branches in the Netherlands and Belgium, with around 300 employees. They will be integrated into the group in the course of Q3.