TMT to double frequency of rail service Trieste – Burghausen

The new (open) rail link from/to the KTB terminal in Bavaria, Germany, will start in March 2018

TMT to double frequency of rail service Trieste – Burghausen


Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT) informs that starting from week 9 a second rail service from/to Burghausen will be available to the market, directly linking Trieste Marine Terminal and KTB terminal in Bavaria every week. The first import departure from Trieste will be on March 3rd and from Burghausen in export on March 5th.

“This new service will be open to every operator and contributes to the offer for the German market that TMT is continuing to expand and optimize,” the company announces.

Intermodal connections are one of the key element in the terminal strategic vision. For this reason, TMT keeps investing in order to improve both the intermodal and maritime services’ availability (short sea) which are considered a natural extension of the terminal services. Today the rail park inside the container terminal has 5 rail tracks of 600 meters each, served with 3 rail mounted stacking cranes fully dedicated to train operations.