TMT still aims towards Eastern and Southern Europe

The 2016 expectations for the Austrian and German markets are positive

TMT still aims towards Eastern and Southern Europe

Trieste Marine Terminal is showing a 19,1 % growth increase in railroad transport volumes for exchange traffic to Eastern and Southern Europe, compared to 2014. The containers directed towards Germany, Austria and Hungary have increased significantly, confirming Trieste’s  importance for railroad flow.

Supported by a European network of local offices, TMT is intensifying the commercial and marketing activities narrowing the gap with operators from Austria and Germany. New trains and destinations will soon be active with the target to maximise the potential of all the railway and maritime connections Trieste has to offer.

In 2015 a new railroad connection with Budapest (Bilk) was activated, having now a biweekly frequency, but market signals are showing that an additional weekly departure could be activated within March 2016. TMT wants to offer a reliable and not-congested alternative solution to the current transit routes to and from Hungary.