TKL headquarters even more flexible from the end of September

TKL Group added 7,500 pallet spaces to their deep-freeze high-bay warehouse in Hermann-Gebauer-Straße, Vienna

TKL headquarters even more flexible from the end of September

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in February, the construction progressed according to schedule, and the added building was inaugurated on September 2. Since then, the new warehouse has been gradually cooled down, and can be used for storage by the end of September.

As previously, the company continues to serve the Austrian food retail market, with the expanded storage capacity also being available to manufacturing companies. As a result of the expanded storage capacity, it is also possible to store larger quantities of individual items in this fully automated warehouse.

TKL Supply Chain GmbH employs around 430 persons in the segment of temperature-controlled logistics across Austria. Its operating companies store and distribute 124,000 tonnes of frozen, fresh and dry goods for retail and gastronomy annually. In addition to the three goods distribution hubs (Vienna, Laxenburg, Salzburg) and 15 regional transhipment stations, a vehicle fleet of around 185 multi-temperature-capable delivery vehicles for fine distribution and 50 semitrailers for gross distribution (carriers) is available.;