The UPS Austria bike courier always rings twice

As of now also environmentally friendly cargo bikes will be used for fine distribution of parcels in Vienna

The UPS Austria bike courier always rings twice

In the course of the European Cycle Logistics Conference in Vienna on March 20, UPS announced the official launch of parcel delivery by cargo bikes. Deliveries will be provided by means of a special bicycle with a 145 liter cargo container.

Three UPS cargo bikes are currently operated in Vienna. These bikes are supplied by a parcel vehicle, which serves as a small distribution center.

In a press release Michiel van Veen, Managing Director, UPS Austria and Slovenia, confirms the fact that the company’s deliveries using cargo bikes are more efficient in terms of operating costs and environmental impact.

The company sees itself as part of the solution for urban road congestion, and will continue to partner in reducing the environmental impact of parcel delivery in crowded city centers around the world.

Maria Vassilakou, deputy mayor and bicycle commissioner of the city of Vienna stressed at a press conference that it was the order of the day to make use of such systems.