“The Port of Antwerp can do so much more than just containers!”

The Belgian seaport wants to become integrated into the supply chains of the Austria’s and Hungary’s industry

“The Port of Antwerp can do so much more than just containers!”

As part of a port event in Weiden am Neusiedlersee, Burgenland, on 27th September leading representatives of the Antwerp port industry informed about the development of traffic with Austria and Hungary. Almost 200 guests from both countries accepted the invitation of the Antwerp Port Authority.
In his presentation Luc Arnouts, Director of International Relations Antwerp Port Authority, emphasised on the multifunctionality of the Belgian seaport. All commodities – containers, breakbulk, chemicals, steel, paper, pulp, project cargo – can be handled by specialised transhipment companies in special warehouses. 

This was followed by Walter Holzhammer, Representative of the Port of Antwerp in Austria and Hungary, inviting the shipping industry and the forwarding industry to test alternatives to their overseas supply chains. In 2017, the total throughput volume handled for Austria was around 3.5 million tonnes. This year, an increase of 10 per cent is expected. 

Katarina Stancova, Senior Advisor Rail Mobility Department of the Antwerp Port Authority, reported increasing demand for intermodal transport to/from Austria and Hungary. In response, Hupac launched a new liner service on September 11th, with two weekly round trips between Antwerp, Vienna and Budapest. Other intermodal providers operating on the routes between Austria and Hungary are: Rail Cargo Logistics in cooperation with Rail & Sea Logistics, Lineas Intermodal and Kombiverkehr.

“For the coming years, we expect a significant increase in freight flow from Austria and Hungary. That’s why we need to push ahead by establishing additional regular transport links to handle this growth,” said Luc Arnouts, adding more intermodal transport solutions and setting up regional hubs and consolidation centers. 


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