TFG Transfracht aiming to move more than 1 million TEU in 2019

50 years of seaport hinterland services for shippers and forwarders to and from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

TFG Transfracht aiming to move more than 1 million TEU in 2019 Bild: TFG Transfracht

TFG Transfracht’s new strategic approach that combined flexibility, customer focus and attention to SMEs’ needs, has proved to be successful. Thus in 2018 the company’s new record of 950,000 TEUs translated into growth of 6.4%.

At the same time TFG was able to further increase train capacity utilisation in 2018 thanks to more extensive joint undertakings, enhancing its performance in the seaport hinterland sector, and expanding its wide-reaching AlbatrosExpress network by adding company trains. Other important contributions were made by a stronger performance in rail traction and the firm’s first significant steps toward supply chain digitalisation.

Despite last year’s excellent showing, the specialist for containerised seaport hinterland services has set its sights on even higher targets for 2019, which is a special year. “To mark TFG’s 50th anniversary, we want to reach another milestone and, together with our customers, break the 1 million TEU threshold,” said Dr. Bernd Pahnke, Spokesperson of the Board of Managing Directors at TFG Transfracht.

With the recent market launch of box2rail, TFG once again proves its innovation drive. box2rail 2.0 will offer additional functions this year: in addition to the immediate display of the price and cost transparency, the new rail and truck capacity display provides an overview of the capaciy of the complete transport chain.

Its extensive AlbatrosExpress network enables the company to operate daily connections from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven to over 15,000 locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. TFG Transfracht is part of DB Mobility Logistics AG and generated sales of EUR 241 million in 2018.