TFG Transfracht: 10th anniversary of the Austrian location

The parent company has been acting as a reliable partner for transport logistics of containers for 50 years

TFG Transfracht: 10th anniversary of the Austrian location Bild: TFG Transfracht

Together with around 70 guests, the rail operator TFG Transfracht celebrated ten years of its company history in Austria on October 24th in the Casino Salzburg. Managing Director Bernd Pahnke and Location Manager Oswin Stummvoll took this as an opportunity to say thank you to their customers and business partners from the industry of liner shipping companies, forwarders and container terminals.

TFG Transfracht added the Austrian market to its AlbatrossExpress network 20 years ago. In 2009, they opened and office in Enns. Today, the specialist of maritime hinterland transport moves around 90,000 TEU annually on the trades between Salzburg, Enns and Vienna-Freudenau to Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Koper. Thus the nine employees of TFG Transfracht in Austria generate annual sales of around EUR 30 million.

“In line with our targeted development our focus lies on the four topics of Internationalisation, Product differentiation, Digitalisation and Collaboration”, said Bernd Pahnke in his statement. A major topic for the company is the expansion of the port connections and the frequencies on the trades between the North, West and South Ports on the one hand, as well as Germany, Switzerland and Austria on the other hand.

Established in 1969, TFG Transfracht is today a leading provider of containerised seaport hinterland services in Germany. Its extensive AlbatrosExpress network enables the company to operate daily connections from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, and Koper to over 15,000 locations throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. TFG Transfracht is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG and transports an annual volume of 950,000 TEU (2018).