Tchibo extends entrusted partnership with DSV

For more than 20 years, DSV has been responsible for coffee brand Tchibo’s comprehensive contract logistics services

Tchibo extends entrusted partnership with DSV

In late September, the extension of the contract between DSV and the coffee manufacturer and operator of Tchibo brand shops was finalised. This also served as an occasion for Tchibo’s logistic board to visit the DSV location in Kampinos, Poland, which is responsible for the day-to-day logistical operations and distribution throughout the CEE region.

Supply Chain Manager in Tchibo, Beata Cucrowska, says about the DSV-Tchibo collaboration: “Over the years, we’ve worked with DSV on a number of tools that ensure high quality customer service. Tchibo is a demanding partner who expects the operator not only to provide the highest quality of services, but also to ensure difficult to predict flexibility. After more than twenty years of cooperation, DSV understands our expectations well, and together we keep raising the bar for successful business.”

“The summary of the long period of cooperation and the nomination for the next few years is a big responsibility that we take very seriously. Tchibo of course expects us to continually improve our standards and we are proud to be able to continuously respond to our customers’ needs for further improvements in contract logistics,” says Adam Pawelczak, Supply Chain Director at DSV Solutions.

DSV is entrusted with a large variety of tasks for the coffee producer, which is market leader in countries Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Poland. The DSV site handles tasks including final packaging, dispatch and returns, quality control, customs clearance and promotional sets like labels and displays.

On a monthly basis, the team in Kampinos, Poland manages more than 11,000 pallets of both food and non-food items coming in and exiting the warehouse.