Superlative Liebherr heavy lift crane for the Port of Rostock

TCC 78000 gantry crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,600 tonnes, and means a significant upgrade of the regional maritime infrastructure

Superlative Liebherr heavy lift crane for the Port of Rostock

Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH is expanding its production site in the port of Rostock with a new gantry crane for handling heavy goods. In the future, the crane will not only support Liebherr in loading maritime cranes, but also enable other companies to handle heavy lift cargo in Germany’s only deep water and universal port at the Baltic Sea.

With a maximum lifting height of 112 metres and a lifting capacity of up to 1,600 tonnes, the TCC 78000 crane will be assembled at the Liebherr plant in Rostock by the end of the year. The 164 metres high rail mounted heavy lift crane will be able to move on a portal between the northern area of Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH and the bordering quayside.

There is currently no harbour crane with comparable parameters in northern Germany and the Baltic Sea region. Similar lifting capacities in the maritime sector can only be achieved with floating cranes, but they are far less flexible in their application and more dependent on weather conditions. Furthermore they require longer set-up times and therefore increase the costs.

“A heavy lift crane with these dimensions opens up completely new logistical solutions for current and potential customers of the Port of Rostock. This could also favour the establishment of further additional companies in Rostock. This is why Rostock Port, with the help and support of its shareholders, city and state, will invest a large amount in the infrastructure”, says Dr. Gernot Tesch, Managing Director of Rostock Port GmbH.

The new crane will have its first major operation in 2019 when it will install the heavy lift crane, type HLC 295000 – the largest offshore crane Liebherr has ever built – onto the special ship “Orion”.;