Styrian hauliers up in the air to maintain their image

Freight transport industry is pushing for a significant improvement of the conditions to strengthen competitiveness

Styrian hauliers up in the air to maintain their image

New gondolas in “Friends-on-the Road”-design at the Kreischberg skiing area are carrying the image campaign with yellow foiled trucks of the Austrian hauliers from the road into the air. Clearly visible, above people’s heads the advertising is intended to represent the indispensable services of the goods transport sector and simultaneously raise awareness for the needs of the industry, said Ing. Albert Moder, Chairman of the Styrian hauliers.

“Our carriers in Styria and Austria, and their activities are literally key drivers of the economy. “But the bad conditions make this drive stutter again and again,” said Albert Moder, at a press conference on the occasion of the launching ceremony of the gondolas.

According to Albert Moder, several different regulations make everyday business difficult for companies. Specifically, he mentioned the following issues:

-) Companies have to pay noise costs in addition to the toll, although trucks must be of a low-noise class, and most streets have noise barriers.

-) While high costs arise for tolls, truck trailers are not even allowed to be left for a certain period on secure parking areas of ASFINAG.

-) In addition domestic hauliers have to prove they have nonpublic (operational site-approved) parkings for their trucks, whereas this does not apply to trucks used for factory traffic.

-) Violations of driving and rest times in the minute range are not only expensive for drivers and the company (double fining), but can even cost the business license due to registration of the violations in the transport company register. “Albeit often only a few minutes, fining is done by several acts: Motor Vehicles Act, the Working Hours Act and Rest Periods Act,” criticised Albert Moder.

However, the Chairman of the Styrian hauliers found positive words for the recent statement of Transport Minister Jörg Leichtfried, to reinforce his efforts to combat illegal cabotage in Austria.