Strong boost for combined transport in Bavaria

German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure earmarks EUR 14 million of subsidies for the CT terminals in Nuremberg and Regensburg

Strong boost for combined transport in Bavaria Bild: Bayernhafen Gruppe

Bayernhafen Nürnberg will receive EUR 13.56 million for the expansion of a transhipment facility in Nuremberg. The project, with a total of EUR 20 million, is to be started in 2020 and completed in 2022. The expansion of the CT terminal will increase its capacity by 100,000 to 370,000 loading units per year.

“My house does active climate protection every day. This is why we also invest in combined transport, which will enable us to shift more cargo to rail and waterways. This in turn means fewer truck journeys, less congestion and fewer CO2 emissions,” Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is quoted in a press release.

Against this background, Bayernhafen Regensburg was awarded a future check for the local CT terminal. EUR 433,700 will be invested in the construction of a new combined transshipment terminal (total project: EUR 1.75 million). The transhipment facility is expected to permit the shift of up to 52,000 loading units per year to rail and waterways in the future.

Since the start of funding in 1998, the federal government has supported more than 90 construction measures at private terminals. The aim is to shift freight traffic to rail and waterways. In 2019 alone, EUR 92.7 million in subsidies were provided for the construction and expansion of private CT transhipment facilities.