Starting shot set for the Milano – Xi’an Freight Express

Xi’an International Port Area and Swiss intermodal operator Hupac launch their cooperation aimed at boosting rail freight transportation between Italy and China

Starting shot set for the Milano – Xi’an Freight Express Bild: Hupac

After a careful preparation, Hupac and Xi’an logistics experts last week set the starting shot for a train departing from the terminal of Busto Arsizio-Gallarate to Xi’an, in the province of Shaanxi in north-western China. This turning point for the intermodal transportation on the east-west axis was celebrated with very important international guests.

The Busto Arsizio-Gallarate terminal acted as a logistical platform for this new challenge. On 19 July in the afternoon, the first test train left the
platform to encourage a newcollaboration between Europe and China
and to open the doors to the international market.

The Milano – Xi’an Freight Express has a transit time of 18 days. The long-term goal of Hupac is a weekly frequency. For this trial period, the train will run on a monthly or bimonthly frequency.

Hupac pursues a strategy of developing the intercontinental east-west axis as a natural integration to its traditional markets in Europe. With
branch offices in Moscow since 2011 and in Shanghai since 2016, and
with the procurement of own rolling stock for the Russian broad gauge,
the network operator in intermodal transport in Europe has prepared the ground for new business areas in the East and Far East.

The overall aim is to establish a big channel that connects resources,
products and markets between west and east. It is also a great
opportunity for the Italian economy to trade to and from China.
The latest agreements signed by the two countries and the strengtheningof these connections will open up new growth opportunities in both

Xi’an International Port Area Haidebang Logistics Co., Ltd. is an
enterprise in China, with its main office in Xi’an. It operates in the truck
transportation industry. The company was established on 5 August 2010
and currently has 40 employees.

The network of the HupacGroup comprises 130 trains per day with
connections between the majorEuropean economic areas as well as to
Russia and the Far East. The companies of the Hupac Group have 6,900
rail platforms at command and operate efficient terminals at important