SPOTworx offers solution for multi-carrier transport management

After creating an EDI or API connection, shippers can handle their entire supply chain through a platform that is fully integrated with their own ERP system

SPOTworx offers solution for multi-carrier transport management

To improve transparency and cooperation along the supply chain, many freight forwarders and logistics providers offer supply chain management platforms combined with their services. The goal of these SCM platforms is to make cooperation more efficient by simplifying data exchange and automating processes. For shippers who work with different logistics providers, however, using different platforms and user interfaces can have the opposite effect and increase administrative overhead. 

For this purpose, SPOTworx has developed a supply chain management platform that solves this problem by bringing all logistics partners together in one central location and enabling simple multi-carrier transport management across all transport routes: from air, sea and road transport to package services and warehouse management.

The “Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration Platform” SPOT was launched in 2000 and has been upgraded since then. Today, the platform offers a selection of modules to optimise all aspects of the supply chain. These include, for example, the modules “Transport Management”, “Purchase Order Management”, “Warehousing” and “Reporting & Analytics”. The Transport Management module is specifically designed to optimise the management of transports with a variety of carriers. 

With SPOT Transport Management, shippers can view the status of all their transports in a convenient and fully customisable dashboard. The simple overview of all shipments, logistics partners and modes of transport helps to make complex delivery schedules easier manageable and to save substantial amounts of time and effort. Tracking is also supported by status visualisations and proactive reminders and alerts.

After setting up an EDI or API connection with SPOT, users can complete their entire transport management through the platform and benefit from full integration with their own ERP system. Transport orders can be entered via SPOT and are automatically forwarded to the correct carrier. Users can write general, route or carrier-specific instructions that are stored in the system and made accessible to all those responsible.

All important documents are stored on shipment level with defined access rights. Finally, users also have access to comprehensive reports of their shipment, enabling performance evaluations and continuous improvement. SPOT’s mobile app, available for Android and Apple devices, provides 24/7 tracking, status updates, and messenger support so users can keep track of their shipments on the go.