Speed Logistics specialist time:matters enters the stage of dangerous goods

Transport of time-critical shipments now also available for dangerous goods; Active monitoring ensures high level of safety

Speed Logistics specialist time:matters enters the stage of dangerous goods Bild: time:matters

time:matters, the expert for global Special Speed Logistics, is offering urgent transports of dangerous goods for the first time, combining speed and maximum reliability for the benefit of the customers. The company can now accept urgent transports of time-critical goods in hazard classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

With this new offer, the company meets the demands of industries that absolutely require both fast and reliable transport of dangerous goods. These include the automotive, aviation and aerospace, machinery and components industries as well as companies in the life and health sector.

Dangerous goods can now be transported worldwide on passenger and cargo aircrafts operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines from a total of ten markets. In addition to Germany, these include the US, India, China, Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region), Japan, Thailand, Hungary, France and Portugal. Further markets are expected to follow.

“We are setting new standards in the industry with our fast and secure transport of dangerous goods”, said Alexander Kohnen, CEO of time:matters. “We are delighted to be able to offer this service in ten markets now and intend to considerably add to these in the near term.”

In addition to Frankfurt and Munich, hubs in Vienna and Brussels are also available for transit shipments. Loading on the apron at all four hubs is physically supervised. Furthermore, active monitoring is ensured at every stage of the transport process, guaranteeing maximum reliability.

In Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna, time:matters is in a position to facilitate what is known as tail-to-tail loading for especially time-critical dangerous goods shipments. This involves shipments being reloaded from an incoming jet to a departing aircraft directly on the apron – without detouring through a warehouse or courier terminal. Thanks to the exceptionally fast transit times, the company can get dangerous goods from their starting point to their destination within 24 hours on many routes.

Other service components include physical reviews of all shipments and accompanying documentation in accordance with IATA guidelines, optimal planning certainty thanks to precisely defined availability times, advice from logistics experts with corresponding dangerous goods training, and optional pick-up and delivery. Last but not least, time:matters can handle customs clearance and guarantee customers access to available capacity upon request.