SiteLog Austria is helping construction logistics to get off the ground

The company maps the entire value chain of large construction sites – from planning to operation of the construction site

SiteLog Austria is helping construction logistics to get off the ground Bild: SiteLog Austria

Logistics is an emerging niche in the construction industry. And it is thanks to this fact that SiteLog Austria GmbH sees a strong increase in order volume. Managing Director Gernot Kunz reported annual growth rates in the double-digit percentage range at a press conference in Vienna.

The highly specialised construction logistics company implements and manages mobility concepts for well-known reference customers such as Signa, Boehringer-Ingelheim or the Republic of Austria (during the refurbishment of the parliament), which ensure the lowest possible traffic burden for people and the environment during the construction. Further topics of construction logistics are just-in-time delivery, construction site safety, access control, digital supply technology, construction site infrastructure and disposal.

For the projects, the company develops phases of construction logistics with corresponding schedules. The task of these concepts, in conjunction with a self-developed online notification system, is to ensure city-compatible traffic management for the supply of construction sites.

In the course of this, central traffic control systems will be set up to coordinate arrivals and departures. This enables to relieve the public road network at peak times and reduce the air pollution. The traffic routing within the construction sites is continuously optimised – also with regards to safety.

From the coordination of truck deliveries to re-routing of traffic, required for works on public streets, both electronic access controls and the permanent camera surveillance of the construction sites are set up. Disposal management systems ensure environmentally friendly and cost-saving waste separation.

The provision of site electricity, water, containers for accommodation (changing rooms / offices / meeting rooms) and construction lifts can also be provided by SiteLog Austria as part of different service models. “In our opinion, construction logistics will play an increasingly important role in large construction sites in the urban area in the future,” the managing directors Gernot Kunz and Christian Otto agree.

SiteLog Austria GmbH is the Austrian branch of SiteLog GmbH, a company of the internationally operating and highly diversified Zech Group GmbH. With an experienced team and specially developed IT systems, SiteLog is able to control the diverse processes of a construction project in the sense of a lean construction policy.