SETG rail logistics company is expanding its management board

Mauricio Zieger (33) has been appointed the second managing director of the Salzburg-based EisenbahnTransportLogistik GmbH at the beginning of July 2017

SETG rail logistics company is expanding its management board

Mauricio Zieger, a native of Salzburg, has been working with SETG since 2014, and has been an authorised signatory for the past two years. Prior to that, he gained experience in the industry and with management in DB Schenker’s railway department in Salzburg. He has extensive expertise in a variety of products of the railway sector with a focus on sales activities.

“Mauricio Zieger, is an excellent expert in the European railway logistics industry, who will join our management board,” says Gunther Pitterka, sole shareholder and managing director of SETG.”Taking account of the growth of recent years, which will lead to sales of more than EUR 50 million for the first time, the expansion of the management board was the next crucial step in the growth process of the company.”

In the future, Gunther Pitterka and Mauricio Zieger will take on all issues together, be it operations or sales. For the first time in the company’s 17-year history, the management board of SETG has been expanded. So far, Gunther Pitterka, the SETG founder and since 2010 also the sole owner of the company, was also the sole managing director.

At present, all business operations of SETG are coordinated from their headquarters in Innsbrucker Bundesstrasse 126a, in the city of Salzburg. A branch office in Freilassing controls the operations in Germany. SETG is also holding shares in S-Air Flugbetriebs GmbH, based at Salzburg Airport, founded by Gunther Pitterka.

The sister company of SETG, the railway transport company S-Rail GmbH (based in Salzburg and Freilassing) is also property of Gunther Pitterka. As of July 2017, 65 persons are employed by SETG. In 2016 approximately 7,000 trains were operated, generating sales of EUR 44.8 million.

SETG stands for advanced logistics in European rail freight transport. Tailor-made block train solutions for wood, chemicals, vehicles, paper/pulp, steel, combined freight transport and agricultural products mean planability, punctuality, flexible and short-notice implementation of orders.