Sectoral driving ban in Tyrol from 1 November 2016

Subsidies of Tyrol’s government to support companies with investments into modern fleets

Sectoral driving ban in Tyrol from 1 November 2016

Governor Günther Platter and his deputy Ingrid Felipe signed the order for the sectoral driving ban on 19 May. It will become effective as of 1 November 2016 in Tyrol.

“The sectoral driving ban prohibits the transport of certain goods by truck“, said Günther Platter. Once fully effective, this ban can help shifting about 200,000 HGV to the railway, and reducing harmful emissions.

From the summer of 2016 all solo trucks of the Euro II-class will be banned; by the end of 2017 the ban will also cover all trucks (solo, trailer trucks, semitrailers) of the Euro III-class. “However, there is an exception from the Euro III-ban for regional short-distance traffic and distribution until 2019“, added Günther Platter. Furthermore, HGV of the Euro VI-class will be excluded from the sectorial driving ban until April 2018 for the transport of goods such as wood or excavated material, and until July 2018 for the transport of goods such as steel or iron ore.

The Tyrol government also supports the companies’ efforts to reduce emissions by investing into modern fleets, with two subsidies. Apart from the purchase of a new truck, also the abandonment of old vehicles is promoted. Companies can apply for up to 13 new trucks, and a maximum of ten when it comes to abandonment.

So far 450 old trucks were replaced – which equals a total of EUR 5.7 million in funds, allowing for a total investment volume of close to EUR 24 million.