Second Eurodis member goes under the brand Express One

trans-o-flex Hungary takes new name to benefit from ongoing trend towards more international and more B2C-shipments

Second Eurodis member goes under the brand Express One

Hungarian Eurodis member trans-o-flex Hungary has taken up the new brand name Express One to support and profit from the ongoing trend towards more international express shipments. “The increasing demand for national and international express delivery is driven mainly by e-commerce-shipments, especially in the B2C-sector”, says Christian Knoblich, Managing Director of EURODIS GmbH, Weinheim, steering the international transport network for parcels and pallets in 36 European countries. „We are watching highest growth rates in South East Europe where for example our Hungarian partner grew their volume close to 20 percent and delivered nearly 7 million packages last year.” 

To further increase national and international awareness in the region the Hungarian Eurodis member recently has been the second subsidiary of Austrian Post to fulfill this change. Express One in Bosnia-Herzegovina had already done this in 2016. 

Péter Pesztericz, Managing Director of Express One Hungary, says: “We are confident that the new brand will increase our publicity and customers will be more aware that we are not only a national but an international logistics service provider, too.”  

Being in the market since 1997 the company has changed from a pure B2B-player (business-to-business) to a company additionally offering B2C solutions (shipments to households). Latest example is an online tool which makes shipment information and interaction possibilities available to private consignees. For Express One Hungary more than 450 couriers are delivering 30.000 national and international consignments day by day. 

The other Eurodis members in South East Europe, as e.g. Overseas (Croatia), FAN Courier (Romania) and In Time (Slovakia) also offer 2C solutions for national as well as international shipments.