Schuon Group increases its truck fleet at the Kecskemét location

The branches in Germany and Hungary will receive modern trucks, semitrailers and mega-trailers for intermodal transport worth EUR 5.5 million

Schuon Group increases its truck fleet at the Kecskemét location

The Alfred Schuon Group is modernising its fleet. The logistics service provider from Haiterbach in the German state of Baden-Württemberg has ordered 46 new trucks, and 43 trailers and semi-trailers. These include weight-optimised and thus more cost-efficient jumbo trucks as well as megatrailers for use in intermodal transport. The new purchase amounting to around EUR 5.5 million will be delivered to branches in Germany and Hungary.

“Regular investments ensure that our fleet is always state-of-the-art. We are guided by customer and market requirements,” says Alexander Schuon, Managing Director of Alfred Schuon GmbH. An important criterion in the vehicle selection is the optimisation of running costs such as repair, maintenance, consumption and toll. In the past three years, the logistics company has invested a double-digit million euro amount to renew its fleet.

The new vehicles and the new equipment will also be used at the Hungarian Schuon site in Kecskemét, just outside the Daimler plant. So far, Schuon only provides regional works traffic there. But soon the company will expand its service portfolio.

“As part of our green logistics strategy, we are always committed to reducing CO2 emissions and meeting the latest environmental standards,” says Alexander Schuon. For this reason, the logistics service provider decided among other things to purchase weight-optimised jumbo trucks, which come with a more stable chassis compared to similar models, and more payload. They can be used flexibly and can thus cover more customer orders. A clear internal height of 3.15 meters allows the transport of particularly high or stacked goods.

In addition, the Schuon Group will be involved in intermodal transport for the first time in 2018. To do this, the company invested in megatrailers, enabling them to shift transports from road to rail. A pilot project was launched this May.

Alfred Schuon GmbH is a leading forwarding and logistics service provider specialising in jumbo transports, system transports and individual logistics systems. With 450 employees, 300 vehicles operated, around 66,000 m² of storage and logistics space, as well as branches in Germany, Italy and Hungary, the company makes the claims to create “real added value and decisive competitive advantages” for its customers.