Schuon cooperates with Bropack in machine logistics

Both companies will focus on their core abilities and offer their services together in a combined form

Schuon cooperates with Bropack in machine logistics

Alfred Schuon GmbH and Bropack Bronner Packmittel GmbH will jointly provide logistics services for machines and industrial goods. Through this cooperation, Schuon expands its range of services and, together with its new partner, will be able to implement complex logistics projects for industrial goods.

As part of the cooperation, Schuon assumes the pick-up and loading of the goods as well as transport to the Schuon multi-user center. Bropack takes care of the interim storage in Sulz, packs the machines professionally and loads the containers for transport. Afterwards, they also deliver to the end customer, including customs and freight handling. In addition, the packaging specialist documents the entire shipping process and monitors corrosion risk during the storage period.

The outsourcing of machine logistics results in free capacity for production and dispatch. For this purpose, it is possible to react quickly to longer down times or fluctuations in the production process. Short-term processing outside regular working hours is also an option.,