Schunck Group shows full commitment to digitisation

Innovative customer portal MySCHUNCK makes the complex world of insurance for companies easier and clearer

Schunck Group shows full commitment to digitisation Bild: Schunck-Group

The Schunck Group, one of the leading industrial insurance brokers in Germany, launched its new customer portal, MySCHUNCK ( on July 29, 2019. The company sets new standards in terms of digital contract and insurance administration as well as customer friendliness. 

MySCHUNCK guarantees insurance broker’s customers a cross-device, mobile access to all their insurance documents – in multiple languages. The portal is available for start in German and English.  It is intended to relieve customers by supporting internal administration processes with regard to insurance.

The new customer portal offers digital contract management and digital reporting. In addition, damage can be reported easily and quickly via online forms; damage already reported can be viewed and its status can be tracked (“damage tracking”).  A damage can be reported by smartphone or tablet, including an upload function for photos.

Regardless of whether it is property damage, vehicle damage or transport damage, all damage can be covered by MySCHUNCK.  The personalised dashboard gives users an overview of what to do and quick access to their company structure, contracts or claims. The Start Centre also provides access to other Schunck IT applications, such as EPAS or Phoenix.

MySCHUNCK has a flexible rights / roles system which allows customers to administer the portal themselves and adapt it to the individual needs of their company. So any number of users can be created and extensive permissions granted to them. For example, warehouse employees or truck drivers can only be enabled for the claims reporting function, whereas the person responsible for the insurance at a certain location can receive extensive authorisations for the location, but not for the entire company.

New functions will be continuously added to the new customer portal MySCHUNCK. An extensive evaluation and statistics function is about to be implemented. In the future, customers will quickly get an overview of their contract level or their loss ratios.

The Schunck Group was founded in 1919 and has been family-owned ever since. Its headquarters are in Munich, and there are nine branches in Germany and subsidiaries in Austria, Spain, Hungary and a global network with over 180 brokers worldwide. The company employs a total of more than 300 people.