Schachinger Logistik, Quehenberger, Gebrüder Weiss, …

… Hofer, Magna, Metro and REWE Group driving with MAN trucks with electric power system mobility of the future

Schachinger Logistik, Quehenberger, Gebrüder Weiss, …

On September 13, MAN Truck & Bus handed over fully power System electric trucks to nine partner companies of the Austrian Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL). The trucks operate clean, with zero-emissions and low levels of noise pollution. 

“The CNL project is a milestone for MAN. We are the first vehicle manufacturer, whose e-trucks are used by customers,” Joachim Drees, chairman of the Executive Board of Man Truck & Bus AG, said at the handover ceremony. The vehicles are in everyday use by the customers as of now. 

CNL spokesman Max Schachinger expressed praise for the project: “We know and experience directly the development of climate and environment and we want all the more livable cities. Beyond the steps of each individual, we connect to an even greater whole and put the first E-trucks together with MAN in action: The end of the fossil age is ushered in and the future of sustainable mobility begins today.”  

The new electric vehicles handed over to the CNL members on 13 September include four chassis with refrigeration units; three chassis with swap bodies, and one semitrailer tractor. 

All vehicles are equipped with measuring technology and shall provide new knowledge about e-vehicles. The e-trucks have a reach of 180 km; the battery can be charged within 1 hour. 

“We are convinced that inner-city transports can be carried out with zero-emissions and with a low level of noise. However, we expect politicians to make clear guidelines on environmentally-friendly delivery in urban areas“, said Christian Fürstaller, CEO Quehenberger Logistics in Steyr.,