SBB Cargo: early withdrawal of CEO Nicolas Perrin

The rail manager will leave his position in the second quarter of 2020; search for a successor is already running

SBB Cargo: early withdrawal of CEO Nicolas Perrin Bild: SBB Cargo

Nicolas Perrin (60) will resign as CEO of SBB Cargo at the Annual General Meeting in the second quarter of 2020. He decided this after 32 years at SBB, for 12 years CEO of SBB Cargo and until 2018 member of the Executive Board SBB.

Andreas Meyer as Chairman of SBB Cargo and Nicolas Perrin as CEO have set important course for the development of the freight railway, most recently the participation of a strong Swiss partner. The search for a successor is initiated.

Nicolas Perrin will in future be a member of the Board of Directors, thereby ensuring stability and continuity in the business development of SBB Cargo. The new partners support this choice.

With more than a quarter of total freight traffic, SBB is the leading company in Swiss freight transport. Of this total, just under 16 per cent is attributable to SBB Cargo, which, as the backbone of the Swiss economy, connects the major economic areas. Every year, SBB Cargo transports around 29.8 million net tonnes of goods in truckload, block train and combined transport within Switzerland – this corresponds to almost 10,000 truck journeys per day.