RWA AG is strengthening its logistics network on the Danube

After buying a port in Baja, the company is pushing for the expansion of the Danube waterway

RWA AG is strengthening its logistics network on the Danube

RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG reinforces its logistics network along the Danube corridor. At the annual press conference in Vienna, General Director Reinhard Wolf announced the imminent opening of a highly modern grain terminal providing 150,000 tonnes of silo storage capacity in Aschach/Danube. In the future, this would be “Austria’s largest granary,” he said.

The RWA Group has already completed the purchase of a port location in Baja in southern Hungary. It has a handling capacity of about 1,000 tonnes of grain per day, which can be shipped from there to the Black Sea or to the ARA ports. For Serbia, the RWA CEO announced the construction of a silo hopper with 15,000 tonnes capacity in Rumenka. In Romania, the corporate presence will soon be doubled to four locations.

Reinhard Wolf reaffirmed the importance of the Danube waterway for agricultural goods, the company’s core business, when speaking to the press. In this context he cited the locations for handling and storage of agricultural products in Aschach, Pöchlarn, Krems (operated with a partner) and Vienna Albern. As a friend of inland shipping, he regrets that “unfortunately the expansion project of the Danube is not progressing”. This is all the more so, because RWA would benefit from better conditions on the waterway.

RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG is the wholesale and service company of the Austrian cooperative Lagerhausgenossenschaft. Their services range from marketing of agricultural products and trading of agricultural equipment, building materials and products for house, yard and garden, to various services. Apart from these tasks for Lagerhaus branches, RWA is a holding company with national subsidiaries and companies selected Eastern European neighbor countries.