Reichhart Logistik receives new order at the Sequenzcenter Graz

The branch located in Styria’s capital is to invest into new machinery and to create new jobs

Reichhart Logistik receives new order at the Sequenzcenter Graz

The Reichhart Logistik group has received a new order at the Sequenzcenter Graz just shortly before Christmas. On behalf of their customer Eberspächer, the company will take over manufacturing and sequencing of exhaust systems and transport them to the nearby production plant, effective from January 2017. 15 employees working in two shifts will weld and test exhaust systems for the BMW 5 model in a 2,500 m² new hall, and then deliver them to the BMW plant using Reichhart’s trucks.

The Kompetenzcenter Sequenzierung has won the order. It has been manufacturing and sequenced exhaust systems at the Graz site and delivered them to various customers since 2003. At the end of the year the existing service agreement is to expire, and will be smoothly replaced by the new order.

“With our existing infrastructure and relationship to the vehicle plant, expertise and flawless work, we were able to win this tender as well” says Andreas Fütterer, Head of the Kompetenzcenter Sequenzierung.

“Graz will therefore remain a Reichhart site, but also win five to six new employees and grow with a turnover of EUR 16.8 million.”

The operation shall be launched at the beginning of next year. Until then, the project team will elaborate concepts and process details, invest into new equipment and reconstruction measures.

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