Reichhart Logistik Austria adds new production hall

The new building in the Business Park Dobl near Graz will be operated for the customer Eberspächer from March 2017

Reichhart Logistik Austria adds new production hall

In the frame of a festive event last Saturday, Reichhart Logistik Austria invited for the inauguration of the new production hall in the Business Park Dobl near Graz. From March next year the almost 2,700 m² sequencing facility will launch its new order for the production and sequencing of exhaust gas systems for the long-term partner Eberspächer.

Following the welcome address by CEO Michael Jackl, senior site coordinator Jürgen Maurer outlined the development of the site in Graz and thanked his team: “In 2016, we did not see a single damage, nor any complaint or accident. This shows just the team is pulling in the same direction. I’m incredibly proud of you and our performance, and I am looking forward to starting this new service with you from March.”

The Reichhart Logistics Group based in Gilching present themselves as innovative service provider specialising in the optimal design of logistic processes. The company offers its clients a complete range of services to support the competence areas of plant logistics, warehousing, sequencing, production and transport logistics.