Reichhart Logistics Group expands its Pliening site

Contract renewal ahead of the schedule until December 2022 by a major automotive customer necessitated the expansion and modification of the facility

Reichhart Logistics Group expands its Pliening site

In Pliening, Reichhart has been sequencing and assembling seat covers, seat rests and seat mechanisms for an automobile manufacturer since 2013. Over the years, the service range and volume has increased continuously. The launch of a new car series, which Reichhart is now supporting in addition to the previous model, will lead to a significant increase in the possible sequencing variants.

Therefore, a section of almost 3,000 m² was added to the site in Pliening, extending it to approximately 10,000 m². During the plant holidays in August, the company adapted the infrastructure in the building to the new requirements, extended the shelves and installed power and compressed air lines to the newly aligned machines.

The increase in the number of variants also means an increase in transports. “In the past, we have driven 12 tours a day to our customer. From this week it will be 16 tours per day, and from 2019 we will increase this to 18 trips”, explains Andreas Fütterer, Head of Business Unit Sequencing Reichhart and, among other things, responsible for the Pliening site.