Redspher network reports record sales of EUR 300 million

Planned introduction of the Last Mile & Retail service called Easy2Go in Germany by mid-2019

Redspher network reports record sales of EUR 300 million

The Redspher group, which includes Flash Europe International, a long-standing and established provider of on-demand shipments, achieved sales of around EUR 300 million euros in 2018, thus achieving its 2020 target. In 2016, the group, then operating under the name of “Flash”, generated EUR 170 million in sales. In 2017, their turnover was EUR 258 million thanks to the acquisitions of Schwerdtfeger Transport (international premium logistics in the B2B sector) and Upela (international freight management).

“We are proud to have already met our 2020 target, which is an amazing sales performance,” said Philippe Higelin, CEO of Redspher. The group is now represented in 19 countries throughout Europe.

Olivier Leroux, the founder and CEO of last-mile & retail start-up company Easy2Go, is particularly pleased about the very strong development in France. “Thanks to the Redspher network and the synergies that have been harnessed within the group, we have managed to become a leader in the segment within less than two years,” he says.

Currently, the company offers last-mile deliveries for e-commerce shipments and home delivery of bulky items from stores like Ikea, Jardiland, Alinea, Dépôt, etc. in about 50 French cities. The start-up employs about 100 people, handles more than one million shipments per month and achieved a turnover of EUR 28 million last year.

The customer benefit is a priority of the start-up. Hence the company focuses on sameday deliveries and offers its business partners the opportunity to define time windows (about 2 hours) for the desired delivery. “The planned delivery, GPS-based tracking and a simple pricing model are very convenient for shippers. This becomes evident by a customer satisfaction level of over 98 per cent, “says Olivier Leroux.

Germany has always been a profitable and strategically important market for the group. The acquisitions of Schwerdtfeger Logistik and EF-Express-Logistik as well as the many years of positive development of Flash Europe strengthened their position. “We have a strong national network. Easy2Go will also be able to use the group’s synergies in Germany,” says Erhan Ün, Managing Director of Flash Europe Deutschland, announcing an expansion of the range of services.

The transport and logistics group Redspher, specialising in on-demand transport, consists of Flash Europe International (international premium logistics in the B2B sector), Schwerdtfeger Transport (international premium logistics in the B2B sector), Upela (international freight management), Easy2Go ( Sameday deliveries in the B2B and B2C sectors – currently limited to the French market), Easy4Pro (B2B adhoc transport management software), GeniusAcademay (online training center), Easy2Trace (vehicle and consignment monitoring app), (Service provider with access to Europe’s largest small van fleet) and Yoctu (IT tool provider).

The corporate group has the goal of revolutionising the transportation market by integrating its physical and digital dimensions. For this purpose, all companies in the Redspher platform were merged in autumn 2018.