RailRunner launches connection between Bratislava and Brunswick

On July 31st, at 19:00, the first trains departed the terminals in Bratislava and Brunswick; their arrival is expected at noon the following day

RailRunner launches connection between Bratislava and Brunswick

The block train connection operates on a daily basis and will start with pocket wagons and conventional craneable mega trailers, swap bodies and containers in the first instance.

In this initial phase, data on capacity, capacity utilisation, traction energy demand, handling performance, transport time and other relevant factors are recorded and documented to a great extent. In this respect, the volume will still move at a low level, especially in the start-up period. At first, it is important to ensure stability and performance of the train relation, says Gerhard Oswald, Managing Director of RailRunner Europe GmbH.

The train is equipped with GPS so that the location of the train can be precisely identified via the internet. Irrespective of this, the trailers, which are rented by RailRunner Europe and made available for forwarding customers, are also provided with telematics. Thereby, through two independently operating systems the location and running performance is made transparent.

The US-American holding company RailRunner N.A., Inc. founded RailRunner Europe GmbH based in Hamburg in 2015. RailRunner Europe aims at introducing RailRunner’s unique technology in Europe in which semitrailers are loaded onto innovative bogies without having to rely on conventional terminals. After the certification, homologation, and approval for Europe, the European RailRunner rolling stock will be manufactured mainly in Europe.