RailRunner Europe: 100 craneable trailers for combined transport

The neutral operator offers freight forwarders a new way to use rail transport between Germany and Slovakia

RailRunner Europe: 100 craneable trailers for combined transport

Starting in April 2018, RailRunner will expand its transport offer between Braunschweig and Bratislava (SK) / Curtici (RU) with a stock of initially 100 craneable megatrailers. This should give logistics companies the opportunity to easily and quickly test the strengths of rail and road in combined transport and use them permanently without having to make their own investment or longer-term rental.

The 13.62 m Megatrailer with side tarpaulin and 3 m internal height are particularly suitable for the transport of packaged, also voluminous and not temperature-sensitive cargo. The trailers have a capacity of 101m³ and 34 pallet spaces. All mega trailers are equipped with the “TrailerConnect” telematics system allowing permanent tracking and geofencing of the trailers.

The trailers are available to forwarding companies and transport companies in the terminal-to-terminal traffic, or as a full service in door-to-door traffic, one way or rotations Within 18 hours, the trailers will be transported five days a week (Monday – Friday) on the RailRunner trains covering the 800 km route from Bratislava to Braunschweig and vice versa.

Combined transport allows a trailer capacity of up to 29 tonnes. In addition, a connection from Bratislava to the terminal in Curtici (Romania) is offered three times a week. Gerhard Oswald, Managing Director of RailRunner Europe GmbH, announced the planned start of further train connections as well as the procurement of additional equipment.

The US-American holding company RailRunner N.A., Inc. founded RailRunner Europe GmbH in Hamburg in 2015. RailRunner Europe aims at introducing RailRunner’s unique technology in Europe by 2019, in which semitrailers are loaded onto innovative bogies without having to rely on conventional terminals. After the certification, homologation, and approval for Europe, the European RailRunner rolling stock will be manufactured mainly in Europe.