Rail Cargo Operator launches new product for Southeastern Europe

Ruhr area – Arad route offers three weekly rotations, serving the entire route with own traction

Rail Cargo Operator launches new product for Southeastern Europe

Rail Cargo Operator launches an intermodal train product for unaccompanied combined transport between Germany and Romania. The new service will connect Romania’s major economic regions three times per week (200 loading units) with the Ruhr area, and offer an attractive alternative to pure road transport. A frequency increase to five rotations per week is planned for the coming months.

The block trains will be operated in a rotation between the DKT Terminal in Duisburg Rheinhausen and Railport Arad. According to Rail Cargo Operator, this ensures fast, high quality and efficient transport of the boxes. “Late delivery deadlines and early provision of the loading units at the terminals create ideal conditions“, reads a press release.

Via the Arad terminal, north-western economic regions such as Arad and Timisoara are served, but also wide parts of Romania and Bulgaria. The transit time from Germany to Romania is 28 hours.

The physical handling of the transport along the entire route from Germany, via Austria to Romania, lies in the hands of the Rail Cargo Group. The transports are carried out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On this A to C relation all loading units that are usual in continental, unaccompanied transport such as trailers, mega trailers and containers are accepted on this service.