Rail Cargo Operator: Enhanced product “Julia Shuttle“

A new direct rotation between Salzburg and Trieste port to be added to the “Julia Shuttle”

Rail Cargo Operator: Enhanced product “Julia Shuttle“

With its “Julia Shuttle” and several weekly departures between the Villach CCT terminal and the Port of Trieste, the Rail Cargo Group offers stable container train services between Austria and Italy.

From 8 June 2016 the service from Salzburg CCT – previously an antennae service – will be operated as a designated direct train to Trieste – thus without the stopover in Villach. This enhanced product with two weekly rotations allows direct and gapless container transport between Salzburg and Trieste, with the decisive advantage of shorter transit time.

The block trains self-operated together with the Italian partners Società Alpe Adria S.p.A. and TO DELTA S.p.A., ensure an even more effective product within the intermodal transpor chain.

Schedule Salzburg CCT – Trieste CMR


Booking deadline Closing for cargo Provision


Tue 12 a.m. Wed 5 p.m.

Thu 8 a.m.

Friday Thu 12 a.m. Fri 5 p.m.

Sat 8 a.m.

Schedule Trieste CMR – Salzburg CCT


Booking deadline Closing for cargo Provision


Mon 12 a.m. Tue 10

Wed 10 a.m.

Thursday Wed 12 a.m. Thu 10 a.m.

Fri 10 a.m.

The remaining antennae services of the “Julia Shuttle” product to Linz Stadthafen CCT, Vienna Freudenau CCT, Vienna NWB and Wolfurt will remain unchanged with the same quality, providing attractive intermodal connections for shipments between Trieste and Villach.

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