Rail Cargo Logistics expands its agricultural wagon pool

New, ultramodern wagons will meet the tough demands of ensuring maximum performance when shipping agricultural products

Rail Cargo Logistics expands its agricultural wagon pool

Rail Cargo Logistics is now adding 26 new Tadns wagons to its range of agricultural logistics services. The new units are multifunctional side-loading wagons also suitable for international transport. The stainless steel wagon body allows more flexible use, and enables the wagon to be unloaded with almost nothing left inside.

This makes the wagons suitable for carrying all types of bulk goods (e.g. fertiliser), not only grain – a major advantage given the seasonal nature of agricultural shipments. Not only that, but the wagon body’s stainless steel construction means it is easier to clean.

The wagons are also technically state-of-the-art. The modern bogies used on the wagons are markedly lighter than conventional bogies, reducing overall wagon weight by around 500 kilograms. Another major advantage is the greater loading capacity of 82.5 m³, which enables net payloads of up to 66.2 tonnes.

With 1,500 wagons specifically designed to carry agricultural products, the Rail Cargo Group’s agricultural wagon pool is one of the biggest in Europe. Natural products require unconditional quality and care all along the supply chain. Specific cleanliness criteria and the need for product-specific loading and unloading are decisive factors in determining which type of wagon to use.