Rail Cargo Group launches Open Innovation Challenge

Wanted: creative ideas to make rail freight transport in Europe even more dynamic and efficiently

Rail Cargo Group launches Open Innovation Challenge

New impetuses are wanted to make rail freight transport even more attractive for the industry. The Rail Cargo Group is therefore launching an Open Innovation Challenge for rail freight transport, dealing with the question “What opportunities does the digital economy offer for improving interaction between customers and the Rail Cargo Group?” They are looking for creative ideas on the following topics:

Provision of information:

-) How can logistics customers better receive the information they need?

Tenders & order fulfillment:

-) How can the process of individual tenders and agreements be simplified?

Existing solutions of digitization:

-) What solutions (from other areas) can be used to optimise rail freight transport?

The Open Innovation platform offers the opportunity to actively shape the future of the ÖBB. Proposals for innovative solutions to current issues can be submitted before 31 January 2017 to openinnovation@oebb.at or directly on the platform openinnovation.oebb.at.

Since May 2016, the ÖBB link external to internal expertise on their digital innovation platform openinnovation.oebb.at. To develop customer effective innovations rapidly, interested persons can actively participate in modern topics and projects both in the customer forum as well as in the Open Innovation Challenges.