Raben Group’s sales grew to EUR 1.25 billion in 2019

The continuous development together with the customers is inscribed in the logistics company’s DNA

Raben Group’s sales grew to EUR 1.25 billion in 2019 Bild: Raben Group

Raben Group can consider the past year as a successful one: budget plans have been achieved with the revenue of EUR 1.25 billion, which is an increase of over 8% year-on-year. The main industries served by the company in 2019 were food (27%), consumer technologies (21%), automotive (20%), retail (12%) chemicals (11%), non-food FMCG (9%).

“We have many long-term customers. Their business has been changing over the years and we are adapting to them. We are partners and we also grow together”, explains Ewald Raben, CEO Raben Group.

The company is adding more and more locations and new countries to its European network: last year Bulgaria was added; also business in Germany and Italy is to be expanded.Today the Group operates in 13 markets in Europe with a network of 150 depots.

Ewald Raben, “We aim to standardise our x-docks across Europe. They should have the same set-up, the same processes and IT systems. For us and our customers, standardisation means optimisation and the highest quality of provided services.”

Last year, in the European logistics network, the largest share of services provided by Raben Group was road transport (66%), followed by contract logistics (13%), FTL (8%), Fresh Logistics (8%), lead logistics provider (4%) and finally sea & air (1%).

The Raben Group is a family-owned logistics company with almost 90 years of experience, offering comprehensive logistics solutions to small, medium and large enterprises. Its close to 10,000 employees operate a warehouse capacity of approximately 2 million m². For many years Raben Group has been focusing on automation and robotisation of processes and services on different levels: physical processes, IT processes, and recently also robotic processes automation (RPA).