Quehenberger Logistics expands its network to Scandinavia

Cooperation with new partner Holship Group in Scandinavia unlocks new potential for Quehenberger Logistics in European overland transport

Quehenberger Logistics expands its network to Scandinavia

Since the beginning of October Quehenberger Logistics cooperates with the Holship Group located in Denmark, founded in 1967. With this partnership Quehenberger expands its existing network with Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and positions itself well for the development in overland transports from and to Scandinavia.

The Holship Group has been taken over in 1985 by Kent Ranners and is represented with nine own locations in Scandinavia. Both companies profit from the particular regional network and the very good connections from Quehenberger in the Eastern European countries.

“Through the cooperation with the Holship Group we can offer competitive transit times and can increase our departure frequencies”, explains Alexander Piwonka, Director International Network and Partner Management at Quehenberger Logistics.

In the selection of a partner Quehenberger especially pays attention to an equal quality understanding and a similar company culture. Especially the direct, responsive and friendly support of the customers is paramount.

www.holship.com, www.quehenberger.com