Quehenberger: Airfreight changes to climb flight mode

Customer Service Center soon also for services in Hungary, Romania and the Balkans

Quehenberger: Airfreight changes to climb flight mode

A growing number of companies shows a tendency towards concentrating service concepts for Supply Chain Management with a select group of providers. This partner should offer a possibly wide variety of services, have strong IT skills and be flexible in their daily business. To meet these demands, Quehenberger Logistics is systematically expanding its product range.

Establishing Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH in January 2015, they created the basis to set up a powerful unit in the market segment of overseas freight forwarders.

Now this company has approximately 30 employees in Austria. By the end of this year the number of staff shall rise to around 40 employees.

There are already airfreight offices in Germany, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, which are to be followed by further offices for air freight in Romania, Hungary and the Balkans in the medium term. The main focus will be on Customer Service.

When it comes to the physical handling of air freight of companies based in Austria and in the neighboring countries in the CEE region, Quehenberger Logistics relies on a concept with two “gateways” in Vienna and Salzburg. The shipments procured with the company’s own regular road services or express services are fed into the network at these two places.